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ND Magazine celebrates 10 years of excellence.

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Naija Diaspora (ND) Magazine is a proudly Nigerian magazine that offers unique insights into Nigerian affairs in the diasporas. We share the best of Nigerian stories, news, and personalities. We also disclose available business and economic opportunities to individuals and institutions.

ND Magazine not only strives to inform Africans in the diaspora but to also lead and influence conversation on topical issues that plagues Nigeria.

We aim to shape the diaspora agenda and make significant contributions towards the development of Nigeria and our host countries, like Cameroon.

Our primary channel of expression is our quarterly publication through which we share world-class content across Sports, Business, Tourism, Entertainment, and more.

Since ND Magazine launched its maiden edition in 2013, we have reached over 500,000 targeted international investors, business executives, government policy makers and multilateral agencies across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Europe and the US, with more countries on the horizon.

Our work impacts not just those in Nigeria but communities in our host countries too.

Through our publication and events, we promote the activities of companies, individuals, and governments in our host countries, thereby promoting investment opportunities for different countries. We publicise investment opportunities that our host countries can take advantage of to better their economic output and promote opportunities for cultural exchange and more.


10 signifies a complete cycle.

ND Magazine has completed a challenging but undeniably successful cycle of intercontinental influence. To celebrate, we are hosting a colloquium, and we would like to invite you to be a part of it.

For our tenth-year anniversary, we would be hosting a week-long event featuring the following activities:

  • A give-back drive
  • Book launch
  • Exhibition of Nigerian businesses (and those of our host countries)
  • Topical discussions on investment opportunities in Nigeria, and many more.

The event, which promises to be engaging and informative, will host thousands of Nigerians and Africans in Cameroon, where we operate from.

We are inviting you to join our celebrations by coming aboard as a sponsor.

The event will serve two aims:

  1. To celebrate our achievements in the past ten years.
  2. To provide a platform where people can continue and contribute to critical conversations on the diaspora experience.

This milestone will mark the beginning of our annual colloquium which we have designed to address topical issues in Nigeria and for Nigerians in the diaspora.


The ND Magazine team is reaching out to you because we believe that our event provides a unique opportunity for collaboration between you and us. Not only that but we also believe that it gives you access to our community, inclusive of readers, investors, and private and public institutions across the globe.

As a sponsor of our 10th anniversary celebration, here’s what you stand to gain:

  • Increased intercontinental brand awareness

One of our numerous strengths at ND Magazine is the size of our reach which currently spans multiple countries, all of which are strategic for business owners like yourself. By sponsoring our event, we will give you access to our community, thus strengthening your reach, increasing your prospective clientele, and establishing your credibility to Africans all over the globe.

  • Generate sales lead

With increased brand awareness generated through our event, your business will inevitably attract quality leads. We can guarantee that our audience consists of professionals, entrepreneurs, and public officials who are always looking for credible businesses to patronise. Our event will expose you to a large pool of them.

  • Attractive return on your investment (ROI)

Sponsors of our 10th anniversary celebration get lots of pre-designed benefits like showcasing their products/services, visibility at the event and on our platform, access to our community, speaking opportunities at our event, and much more. We are quite confident that your sponsorship will yield an impressive return on your investment.

  • Feature on our 10th anniversary event materials

When you come onboard the sponsorship team for our event, you will get honourable mention in our event materials which attendees get to share with their friends, family, colleagues, and associates.


ND Magazine’s 10th year event promises to be monumental, and with that is our commitment to making it worth everyone’s while. Not only will your sponsorship attract attractive marketing benefits, you can also trust that you will be investing in an event with pan-African reach and influence.

Why should you work with us?

We are highly mission-led.

We started ND Magazine to promote the enterprising activities of Nigerians in Cameroon. Subsequently, we began to promote the impressive commerce of Cameroonians and other Africans in the diaspora. We found that Africans in the diaspora needed relevant cultural and investment insights on the continent, so we made it our mission and have since been true to that aim. We have promoted Nigerian andCameroonian companies, have fostered impressive relations and trade between both countries.

Our readers, clients, and partners command trade in Nigeria and Cameroon.

Since inception, we have built a synergetic relationship with our community that showcases what they are doing in Cameroon and all over the world. As a sponsor, you get to enjoy high-level networking opportunities with this community, as well as promotional benefits which will help get your brand noticed by African industry leaders.

We are invested in the success of our sponsors’ businesses.

Sponsorship for us is a mutually beneficial endeavour; as such, we direct resources towards supporting our sponsors’ business goals. Some of the support we offer sponsors include:

  • Marketing to a wide diaspora population
  • Access to real-time economic intelligence about Africa
  • Collaborative opportunities with industry leaders.


ND Magazine boasts of a highly experienced team of writers, journalists, and editors with professional experience that spans domestic and international platforms.

We have also been widely recognised, gathering support from individuals and institutions across the globe. Since inception, we have enjoyed immense support from the following brands:

  • Nigerian Diplomatic and Consular Missions in Cameroon
  • Cameroonian authorities

Nigerians in Diaspora and private sectors, including:


Head office:

Rond Point, Makepe, Douala

Littoral Region,

Republic of Cameroon.

Contact number:

(+237) 6504 961 60

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